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Multiple Offers – How to Tame the Beast

Perhaps no situation routinely faced by REALTORS can be more frustrating, fraught with potential for misunderstanding and missed opportunity, and without a perfect solution than presenting and negotiating multiple offers on the same property.

Jean McCarty Selected to Serve on National Committee

Jean McCarty has been appointed by the Home Innovation Research Labs of the National Association of Home Builders to serve on the committee charged with updating the ANSI Standard of Measurement for Single Family Residential Properties. McCarty is the Executive Director of the MS Coalition of Appraisers and longtime advocate for appraisal issues in Mississippi.

Piña Coladas in Pearl? Perhaps!

The City of Pearl is excited to announce that restaurants in the entire city are now eligible to apply to serve liquor and wine by the glass.

Voter Registration

Voter registration deadline in Mississippi is thirty (30) days prior to an election.
Election day for this Primary election is August 6, 2019.

July 1 - Important Upcoming Deadlines

  • Proof of E & O renewal to MREC -- If MREC places a licensee’s license on inactive status for failure to renew E & O, REALTOR® membership and MLS access will be suspended.
  • Last day to pay quarterly MLS fees before the late fees are added. Pay today using the Member Portal EZ-Button.

Texting Can Be the Devil in Real Estate Transactions

Everyone loves the ease and convenience of texting. However, relationships between REALTORS® can be damaged because of them.

How Does That work? The Code of Ethics Enforcement Process

The REALTOR® Code of Ethics has been the cornerstone of the REALTOR® membership for over 100 years and provides REALTORS® a process to police themselves and to raise the bar of professionalism. It is your duty as a REALTOR® to help enforce the Code of Ethics by filing complaints when necessary.

We Know Your Mama Taught You Manners!

Manners seem to be slipping when it comes to showing property. When you learn that a scheduled appointment will run late or is canceled, have the good manners to let the listing agent know so that the seller can understand the change in circumstances.

In ShowingTime, there is a reschedule option that only takes a minute and it lets the listing agent know your appointment is not panning out.

Your Mama would be proud that you are using your good manners!

2020 CMR Board of Directors Self-Interest Survey

The CMR Board of Directors is charged with meeting objectives tied to specific Core Standards required by the National Association of REALTORS® and CMR’s Strategic Plan

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