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When a Seller Rejects an Offer

The listing agent has obligations under both the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and License Law to instruct the seller to document a rejected offer and to provide such to the buyer/buyer’s agent who made the offer in a timely manner if asked. That obligation is included in Standard of Practice 1-7 of CMR’s Ethics Citation Policy (providing affirmation that an offer was submitted) and carries a $250 fine.

The Best Way to Spend 47 Minutes

See step-by-step instructions in how REALTORS® as independent contractors can apply for CARES Act benefits. Included are testimonials from four REALTORS® who applied and received their benefits.

[Watch Video]

Save Small Business Fund

Small businesses are the foundation of our communities and our economy. Employing nearly half the American workforce, companies like yours keep our neighborhoods running and make them feel like home.

NAR’s Financial Assistance Hotline

Independent contractors are eligible to apply for a variety of financial relief, including Pandemic Unemployment. NAR has a hotline that REALTORS® can call to request information on the CARES Act, Economic Injury Disaster Relief Fund, Payroll Protection Program, and any others.

NAR’s Financial Assistance Hotline: 800-874-6500

Code of Ethics/License Law Reminder

Your obligation to provide proof offers were presented or rejected.

Listing agents have an obligation under both License Law and under the REALTOR® Code of Ethics to provide the buyer's agent/buyer proof that an offer was presented or rejected. The time frame for providing such documentation is as soon as practical (license law) or upon request (Code of Ethics).

MAR Disaster Relief Fund

MAR's Disaster Relief Fund applies to any Mississippian affected by last week's storms.

NAR Provides Two Months of TeleHealth Access

During this unprecedented time, the National Association of REALTORS® understands that access to health care options may be top of mind for members. Telemedicine is playing an essential role today as we navigate uncharted territory and the need for virtual healthcare.

NAR is supporting members by funding 2 months of Members TeleHealth as a benefit for those who do not currently have access to telemedicine, with an ongoing significantly-reduced rate available for members thereafter.

Enrollment is limited*. Sign-up by April 15th.

[More Information]

COVID-19 Termination Form

Use caution when providing MAR's new COVID-19 Termination Form to clients. The intent to cancel a contract must be agreed upon mutually, and the reason must be based solely upon that of The Emergency described in line three. The interpretation of a client using the form to terminate a contract for any other reason could be misrepresentation, fraud, or both.

Did you know CMR has a fine policy for violating the Code of Ethics?

Some violations of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics are cut and dry; they are not subjective and not distorted by interpretation. In those incidences, the Respondent, the one with a complaint filed against them, has the choice: (a) pay a fine and the matter is closed or (b) request a hearing before Professional Standards Committee

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