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How Does That Work? A Limited Function Referral Office (LFRO)

REALTOR® Brokers have an option to open a separate office for the purpose of waiving REALTOR® dues and MLS fees for agents who want to keep an active license with MREC but choose to work in a very limited capacity.

Writes a Buyer’s Agent to a Listing Agent: “Please give me affirmation that you presented my offer.”

And the listing agent’s response in writing should be “I’ll be happy to.  On  ____ date at _____time your offer was presented to the seller/landlord  and on  ______ at _____ seller/landlord chose to _______.”

CFA: Tell the Senate to Pass HB 366 IMMEDIATELY

The Mississippi REALTORS® are issuing a Call For Action on the Mississippi Senate to immediately adopt HB 366, the Mississippi Broadband Enabling Act.

Taking Care of Business

License Law and the REALTOR® Code of Ethics requires and expects agents to be diligent in taking care of business.   The following are real, recent examples of not taking care of business.  Ensure your business practices does not include these.

What’s new in the Code of Ethics for 2019?

NAR has recognized that a growing dilemma facing buyers’ agents is the assurance that the listing agent presented their offers.   The following NEW Standard of Practice 1-7 has been added to Article 1 of the Code of Ethics that obligates listing brokers to provide, upon written request of a buyer’s agent, written affirmation that an offer was presented or written notification that the seller waived the obligation to have the offer presented.   

REALTOR® Safe Harbor App

The REALTOR Safe Harbor application and website created and managed the Arkansas Association of REALTORS® is no longer available.  We ask that all members uninstall the application from all devices.

NAR Helps Secure FEMA Reversal on New Flood Policies During Shutdown

In a critical win for home sales, while the partial shutdown of the federal government is ongoing, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will issue and renew flood insurance policies, reversing an unexpected and controversial ruling the agency released last week. 

How does that work -- REALTOR® Membership and MLS Participation?

CMR members who joined the Association beginning in 2008 got this education as part of their REALTOR® Orientation; however, REALTORS® who joined before 2008 may not have taken it.  It’s a good review of some concepts that are often misunderstood.

NAR: New Phishing Attempt

Many National Association of REALTORS® members received a solicitation last week, purportedly from the REALTOR® Party, asking for donations to fund medical expenses for a young girl. This solicitation is not from the REALTOR® Party or the National Association of REALTORS®. NAR never solicits donations for personal or individual charities. 

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