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Breaking News From NAR: New Phishing Attempt

Many National Association of REALTORS® members received a solicitation last week, purportedly from the REALTOR® Party, asking for donations to fund medical expenses for a young girl. This solicitation is not from the REALTOR® Party or the National Association of REALTORS®. NAR never solicits donations for personal or individual charities. 

Are you steering buyers without realizing it?

You are if you are using any personal biases to suggest to a buyer where he/she might want to live or not live.

Agents use different approaches to engage in unlawful steering such as:

  • Recommending homes to clients for consideration
  • Editorializing about areas the client should or should not consider


How are annual dues bills calculated?

Annual dues bills for the 3 REALTOR® organizations are not the same as the previous year and are calculated as follows:

Staged New Construction May Be Targeted by Thieves

If you stage new construction, be aware that a few of our members have had their staging furniture and accessories stolen, and local law enforcement believes an organized theft ring may be responsible.  Furniture is easy to steal from new construction since a truck being loaded with furniture will likely not look suspicious. 

So why does it matter if I make a little mistake when entering a listing?

Accurate data entry matters… a lot!

First, it is your fiduciary duty to your seller clients to ensure their property is exposed to all who may be interested.  What might appear to you as a small error, can result in your listing not displaying in searches that other REALTORS® are running for their buyer clients.

What Happened to My Offer?

The NAR Board of Directors, at their annual meeting in Boston Monday, amended an MLS policy that will require listing brokers to provide cooperating brokers with written notification about the disposition of their offer. The change aligns MLS policy with the Code of Ethics.

What Do I Get for My Dues Dollars?

First, let’s break it down to see exactly what you are paying:

National Association of REALTORS® - $185
Mississippi Association of REALTORS® - $173.50
Central Mississippi REALTORS® - $169.50

Infographic: Paying Your Dues

We have created an infographic with quick and easy steps for paying your dues using the new member portal.

Infographic: Introducing Your New Member Portal

Instructions on how to find and login to your new member portal.

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