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Our Condolences to REALTOR Harold Johnson

CMR extends it's sincere condolences to the family and friends of REALTOR Harold Johnson.

Question: Can a Seller Require a Pre-Qualification Letter Before Allowing Their Property to Be Shown?

Answer:  Yes.

A seller gets to decide who enters his/her property. Most agents tell sellers at listing appointments that only screened and qualified buyers will be shown the property.

Is Real Estate Your Hobby or Your Career?

If you have been in real estate long enough to consider it a career, give serious thought to getting your Broker’s license.  The license is not just a path to opening an office and hiring agents. 

When Offending Someone Is OK

A broker’s office policy saved him this week from potential harm.  An out-of-state "buyer," who was unknown to the agent, was offended when an agent would not pick him up.

Happy Labor Day

The CMR and MLS office will be closed Monday, September 3, 2018, in observance of Labor Day.  The office will resume regular business hours Tuesday, September 4, 2018, at 9 AM.

2019 CMR Board of Directors Online Election Opens Friday

Friday, August 31, 2018, CMR Members should watch their email for instructions on how to log in and cast their votes for the 2019 Board of Directors.

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Who Gets the Home Inspection Report?

Buyer’s agent? Yes, if the buyer wants his agent to have it. Listing agent? No. The listing agent should only be given a list of repairs, if any, as a result of the buyer’s home inspection.

Is a Text Message Contractual?

The Statute of Frauds requires that all real estate agreements be in writing and signed by the parties to be enforceable. Text messages between agents are merely conversation.

Ethics Citation Policy Revised

Three Standards of Practice have been added to the Ethics Citation Policy as citable (fineable) violations. Respondents in an ethics complaint can choose to admit guilt and pay a fine thus waiving rights to a hearing. The expedited process is working!

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