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Code of Ethics Providers

Several schools and instructors teach the required Code of Ethics class.  If you still need the class before 12/31 of this year and plan to take it by classroom, note the instructor’s credentials for teaching REATOR® Code of Ethics.

New! CMR Website Search Feature

The CMR website has a new search feature that can help you find items faster than ever before. We have created an infographic showing how to use the search quickly.

The Bar Has Been Raised

Since CMR put its Ethics Citation Policy in Place in 2017, the bar has been raised on several fronts.  The word has spread.  One example is that few members are choosing to enter a listed property without following showing instructions since violating Article 3, SOP 3-9 is part of the citation policy carrying a $250 fine.

Do You Document Rejected Offers?

When your seller rejects an offer or offers, do you comply with license law and document that rejection? 

Should I Use "Coming Soon?"

There are many rules governing the use of "Coming Soon" in your advertising efforts.  To help reduce confusion, we are created an infographic that we hope will simplify the matter.

When Does Owner/Agent Have To Be Noted?

It depends.

From an MLS perspective, owner/agent must be noted in REALTOR® remarks and cannot be noted in public remarks. The prohibition in public remarks is due to IDX agreements. If a consumer is finding your listing on another broker's website and sees "owner agent" in public remarks, the consumer is likely to leave the source website and go to the listing agent thinking they will get a "better deal."

When Can a Listing Broker Reduce Commission in MLS Offered to Cooperating Brokers?

Answer:  ONLY, when ONE of TWO things occur

  1. Compensation can be changed PRIOR TO an offer being submitted or
  2. Upon a written agreement between the listing broker and cooperating broker

MAR’s Standard Forms “Coach”

If you use MAR’s forms, especially the Purchase Agreement (F1), take advantage of the new video series where MAR’s Attorney, Ron Farris coaches you through the clauses and blanks on the form.  Encourage your broker to schedule watching the videos in sales meetings. What an excellent learning tool!

How do I know my offer was presented?

The 2019 Code of Ethics will include an expansion of Standard of Practice 1-7 that will provide cooperating brokers confidence that their offer was presented to the seller.  The new obligation...

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