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Angel Tree Toy Drive

Until Dec 5, we are collecting donations for children and seniors in need.  Let's make a difference this holiday season.

Reminder for Brokers

Save yourself some money and hassle; remember that as a Designated REALTOR® and MLS Participant that adding a new agent to your roster comes with responsibilities to CMR.

C2EX Certificates

Thank you to each member who submitted their C2EX certificate. We are happy to announce that we are now able to get those records automatically from NAR and that there is no longer a need to forward those certificates to us.

MCAR Sponsored Commercial Real Estate “Tool Box” Panel Event

Attend this 3-hour session on Nov 12 and learn from experts about the purchase agreement, the survey, environmental issues, the appraisal, financing, and closing.

Watch Your Contract Deadlines

Also, know what it takes to meet them.

Attention to detail is monumental when working through a real estate transaction. If the closing date cannot be met, do not assume the parties will agree to an extension. Both clients are put in jeopardy when the agents involved are not properly facilitating their part of the transaction. Being complacent can cost you the deal. It can also cause the parties to look carefully at whether or not you honored your fiduciary duty to discharge reasonable care and diligence.

Communication is paramount. Keep the other REALTOR® informed of issues that affect the closing as soon as you know them and document that communication.

Auto-Billing Not Available for Annual REALTOR® Renewal

By now, you will have received your annual REALTOR® renewal notices by email.  Please note that auto-billing is only an option with quarterly MLS fees, not with annual REALTOR® membership renewal.  Staff can neither 'assume' that you want to renew REALTOR® membership nor 'assume' that you wish to include your voluntary RPAC investment.  As such, each individual must manually pay annual REALTOR® renewal through the Member Portal.

Beware the Craigslist Scams

Members can create Google Alerts on their listing addresses and get notified when something squirrely pops up on that address. Members should remind sellers not to let anyone in the house who is not accompanied by a licensed agent regardless of what they might say.

What Buyers Need to Know About Home Inspections

Buying a house is exciting but can be stressful unless you know what to expect along the way. After identifying the dream house and negotiating the contract, it is time for the buyer to select a home inspector. Home inspections help the buyer know the property's condition in areas not generally seen during the looking phase of home selection.

Paying into RPAC for 2020

The only way to pay toward 2020 RPAC is with dues. If you make a separate payment, that payment counts toward 2019 until the end of the year. If you want to pay RPAC for 2020 and have already paid your 2020 dues, you will have to wait until January.

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