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Our sincerest condolences to all at Keller Williams

CMR extends its sincerest condolences to all at Keller Williams on the loss of Steve Pittman, Sr. on Tuesday, February 12, 2019.

He was father-in-law to Will Remore; father to Stephanie Remore; brother to Tommye Hurtt; and uncle to Phil and Marcia Landers, Sarah Miller, and Tommye Keith.  He will be greatly missed by all at Keller Williams.

Do Your Clients Know About the First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account?

Individuals can deduct up to $2500 from their state adjusted gross income when they make deposits into a First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account. Couples and deduct up to $5000 a year. To learn more on the who, what, where, when, why, and how, visit

Both the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and MLS have a new rule in 2019 related to the presentation of offers

Have you ever wondered whether or not your buyer’s offer was actually presented by the listing agent to the seller? Failure of a listing broker to provide written affirmation to a cooperating broker indicating that an offer was presented is now a violation of BOTH the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and MLS rules.

CMR and MLS Are Closer to Moving to the New Location

The MLS building downtown at 620 N. State Street has sold and closed. The MLS and CMR staff will continue to provide services out of the N. State Street location for about a year. The new headquarters will be located on Sunnybrook Road in Ridgeland behind Patty Peck Honda and in front of Ridgeland High School.

It’s all in how you ask.

The two awkward questions REALTORS have to ask a potential buyer can open the door to a better relationship from the beginning if asked a different way.

Proposed Bylaws Changes

On February 19 REALTORS® will have the opportunity to vote on proposed bylaws revisions recommended by the Board of Directors to strengthen the structure of the Board of Directors.

HB 366: REALTORS® Helped Make It Happen!

Today marks the 21st day of the 2019 Legislative Session. This week, the committees in the House and Senate will be busy considering bills in advance of the upcoming February 5th deadline for committees to report on legislation.

How Does That Work? A Limited Function Referral Office (LFRO)

REALTOR® Brokers have an option to open a separate office for the purpose of waiving REALTOR® dues and MLS fees for agents who want to keep an active license with MREC but choose to work in a very limited capacity.

Writes a Buyer’s Agent to a Listing Agent: “Please give me affirmation that you presented my offer.”

And the listing agent’s response in writing should be “I’ll be happy to.  On  ____ date at _____time your offer was presented to the seller/landlord  and on  ______ at _____ seller/landlord chose to _______.”

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