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Photo: Genny Allison

Genny Allison

MLS Compliance Specialist

Extension: 17
[ Email ]

MLS entry and rules compliance.

Photo: Johnny Brown

Johnny Brown

Membership Support

Extension: 11
[ Email ]

Photo: Lindsey Brown

Lindsey Brown

Membership Director

Extension: 21
[ Email ]

Processes membership applications, and coordinates and implements education classes.

Photo: Mary Burnette

Mary Burnette

Governmental Affairs Director
Events Coordinator

Extension: 23
[ Email ]

Coordinates CMR and MLS meetings and events.

Photo: Robert Conwill

Robert Conwill

MLS Director

Extension: 19
[ Email ]

Manages IDX feeds and MLS rules and is the liaison to MLS products vendors.

Photo: Mike Delamater

Mike Delamater

Digital Media Manager

Extension: 12
[ Email ]

Photo: Alex Manuel

Alex Manuel


Extension: 14
[ Email ]

Photo: Giselle Stromgren, CPA

Giselle Stromgren, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Extension: 15
[ Email ]

Manages invoicing and payments and handles billing matters.

Photo: Johnny Thrash, MRE

Johnny Thrash, MRE

Chief Information and Communications Officer

Extension: 16
[ Email ]

Coordinates and distributes communications for CMR and MLS and manages internal computer networking. Media and DMCA contact. Notary public.

Photo: Jo Usry

Jo Usry

Chief Executive Officer

Extension: 18
[ Email ]

Also acts as Professional Standards Administrator