REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC)

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REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC)

REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC)

We are the REALTOR® Party.

It is critical for REALTORS® to speak with one voice about the stability that the real estate market brings to our communities. From city hall to the state house to the U.S. Capitol, elected officials make decisions that have an impact on the bottom line of REALTORS® and their customers. REALTORS® contribute annually in RPAC as an investment in our business.

Members like you give MARPAC its ability to:

  • stop proposed taxes on your commissions
  • fight to prevent unnecessary regulation
  • work against added fees on your customers and clients
  • promote programs that assist marginal buyers
  • limit your legal risk
  • protect private property rights
  • ... plus many more important services for you!

Levels of RPAC Investment


The Fair Share investment for the Principal Brokers of firms and Affiliates is $99/year and the Fair Share for agents in a firm is $25/year.  A small investment for such valuable business insurance.  Central Mississippi REALTORS® has a goal of increasing its Fair Share participation from 34% to 51%. 

REALTORS® can conveniently invest their Fair Share in RPAC conveniently through the annual REALTOR® dues billing.  The voluntary Fair Share contribution is automatically added to the dues bill.  REALTORS® who do not wish to contribute at that time may uncheck the RPAC box.  REALTORS® may contribute at any time during the year through the Make a Contribution section of our website.

Some REALTORS® and Affiliates who are passionate about the political process and the impact it has on their businesses choose to step up and contribute more than their Fair Share.  They invest a minimum of $1000/year at the Sterling R level, $2500/year at the Crystal R level or $5000/year at the Golden R level.  Central Mississippi REALTORS® has the highest percentage of Major Investors for its size of any local Association in the United States resulting in helping Mississippi win coveted awards at National REALTOR® Conferences.

Central Mississippi REALTORS'® Major Investors are recognized throughout as follows:

  • Automatic seat on Central Mississippi REALTORS'® Governmental Affairs Committee
  • Special Major Investor medallions to wear during REALTOR® events
  • Photo on the Major Investor Photo Gallery on the Central Mississippi REALTORS® website and on MAR's Major Investor Photo Gallery
  • Invited to various special RPAC events sponsored by Central Mississippi REALTORS and Mississippi Association of REALTORS®.
  • Name on electronic banner at NAR conventions
  • Annual lapel pins from NAR
  • Recognition in Mississippi Association of REALTORS'® Mississippi Leader publication

To step to up Sterling R level a REALTOR or Affiliate will COMMIT in writing to paying $1000 to RPAC over the course of the year.  The $1000 balance can be paid in any increments between January 1 and December 1 of the current year.  Just "pledging" or committing gets the REALTOR or Affiliate all the glory of being a Major Investor throughout the year. 

Many Major Investors choose to pay out their $1000 by purchasing tickets to MAR's Annual RPAC Drawdown.  Each $100 ticket and $25 Second Chance ticket applies to the balance owed.  Several CMR members have won the $5000 grand prize over the years!

Investments can be made at any time through the CMR website.  Click the RPAC tab on the row of black Easy Buttons.

REALTORS® and Affiliates who have invested up to $10,000 in RPAC are inducted into the MARPAC Hall of Fame with their photo displayed on a special wall at MAR.