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Central Mississippi REALTORS® has entered a partnership with Real Agent Guard to provide a safe and convenient way for agents to meet unvetted clients while away from their home office. 

What's a REALTOR® Safe Harbor? 

The REALTOR® Safe Harbor Program and Mobile App is a free service that allows local businesses to pledge their reception/lobby areas as "safe harbors" for agents.  Once a business has agreed to participate their location is then highlighted on a mapping tool within the app. 


The concept was developed in 2014 by the Arkansas Association of REALTORS® in the wake of the death of REALTOR® Beverly Carter. Carter was lured into showing a property to a potential buyer who then abducted and murdered her. The REALTOR® Safe Harbor Program provides an alternative to agents in need of a safe and convenient meeting space

Take the Pledge

Central Mississippi REALTORS® pledges to make its downtown Jackson office space Mississippi's first REALTOR® Safe Harbor location!  Signing up is simple. We encourage you to pledge your office's reception/lobby area a "safe harbor." You can pledge your space now.


  • Visibly display the REALTOR® Safe Harbor participation logo at my business.
  • Have the location of my business displayed on maps and mobile apps indicating participation in program.
  • Let any real estate agent from any company use reception space to meet new clients and verify their identities.
  • Treat all real estate agents utilizing program with respect and care.

Once you've taken the pledge, you're welcomed to display the RSH logo on your website. Simply,right-click on one of the images below.