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What’s NEW in the Code of Ethics for 2018?

What’s NEW in the Code of Ethics for 2018?

posted: 01/23/2018

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January 23, 2018

What’s NEW in the Code of Ethics for 2018?

Due to all the creative technology available that make photos of properties or images displayed on the internet look awesome, sometimes those awesome photos and images misrepresent the “true picture” of the property.  NAR expanded Standard of Practice 12-10 to include the use of misleading images.  The revisions to the Standard of Practice are underlined:

REALTORS obligation to present a true picture in their advertisements and representations to the public includes Internet content, images, and the URLs and domain names they use, and prohibits REALTORS from:

  1. Engaging in deceptive or unauthorized framing of real estate brokerage websites;
  2. Manipulating listing content that produces a deceptive or misleading result
  3. Deceptively using metatags, keywords or other devices to direct, drive or divert internet traffic, or
  4. Otherwise misleading consumers, including use of misleading images. (rev. 1/18)

So, make sure the software you use to enhance photos doesn’t change the TRUE PICTURE of the property.  An 8 x 10 room should look like an 8 x 10 room not a bowling alley.  The shrubbery in front of the house should appear in photos as it appears “in person”, etc.  Use the technology available but ensure you don’t misrepresent the property