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Texting Can Be the Devil in Real Estate Transactions

Texting Can Be the Devil in Real Estate Transactions

posted: 06/10/2019

Everyone loves the ease and convenience of texting. However, relationships between REALTORS® can be damaged because of them.

  • Always proofread the text message before sending button, because the receiver can easily misinterpret the message.
  • Never send a text or email without rereading it first.
  • Never cause your clients to suffer by having a tiff with another REALTOR® curt text or email messages.

It takes both REALTORS® in the transaction to get a sale to closing. How you communicate with each other can make or break the deal.

If you want to call yourself a professional:

  • Ensure your communications are professionally written and accurately convey your message. Your client is depending on you.
  • Advocate aggressively for your client while at the same time being professional in your communication with the REALTOR® on the other side.
  • Attempt a phone conversation at the first sign of a tense situation to get the matter resolved. Words that can calm most situations are, “I’m confused, help me understand…” or “Help me solve a mystery... I’m not clear on...”

Remember Article 15 of the Code of Ethics - REALTORS® shall not knowingly or recklessly make false or misleading statements about other real estate professionals or their business practices. This obligation applies when false or misleading statements are repeated in person, in writing, by technological means or by any other means.