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Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business

posted: 01/07/2019

License Law and the REALTOR® Code of Ethics requires and expects agents to be diligent in taking care of business.   The following are real, recent examples of not taking care of business.  Ensure your business practices does not include these.

  • Not obtaining the signature on listing paperwork of the person who actually has the authority to sell.
  • Not keeping the listing agent informed of the status of a buyer’s ability to close.
  • Not responding to inquiries promptly from the agent on the opposite side of the transaction.
  • Not obtaining signatures on contract extensions when it’s in the client’s best interest to do so.
  • Not informing others through MLS that something has changed with your listing: lockbox has been moved to another location, or a contract has been accepted, but the status still shows active.
  • Putting a For Sale sign in a yard of a listing exempted from MLS without sending the exemption certification signed by the seller to MLS staff.
  • Making an offer on a property for a client outside the jurisdiction of your MLS and assuming there is a contract for compensation in place.
  • Not attending the home inspection with your buyer client to hear the inspector's comments to the buyer in the event the buyer needs your assistance negotiating repairs.

Your clients depend upon you as well as your fellow REALTORS who are assisting in the facilitation of the transaction. 

Be diligent!