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Let's Move FORWARD in 2023!

Let's Move FORWARD in 2023!

posted: 03/01/2023

Hello! I’m Chuck McGee, President of Central Mississippi REALTORS®. As we close the first quarter of the new year, I want to take a moment to quickly share my vision with you. My theme for this year is FORWARD. We will move this association FORWARD in 2023!


The F in Forward stands for Fresh.


Fresh - This coming year is a great time to set fresh goals. This year we will be freshening up the association Strategic Plan. We will be looking for fresh ideas, and fresh perspectives to help us grow this association and position us for a bright future.


The O in FORWARD stands for Opportunity


Opportunity - We will be looking for new ways to offer more and better opportunities to our members in the form of education, networking, community outreach, leadership, and the list goes on.


The first R in FORWARD stands for Relationships.


Relationships - through more opportunities we hope to see more, and stronger relationships built that will span for decades; relationships with other Realtors, Affiliates, and relationships in the community. All these connections will grow and enhance our businesses, and our personal lives.


The W stands for Wealth.


Wealth - the goal of any trade association should be to help its members obtain their own primary business goal, which is typically to obtain wealth. This year we will offer more online and in person learning and business strategy opportunities for our members and affiliates. These will give members the chance to gain knowledge and insight to work smarter, which will not only increase their monetary wealth, but also personal wealth, such as better health, increased family time, etc.


The A stands for Advocacy


Advocacy – This year we will increase our efforts to advance consumer advocacy through promoting investment in the Realtors Political Action Campaign (RPAC).

Through RPAC, we advocate for policies that are pro-consumer and Pro-Realtor, promote a positive economic impact on our communities, and help increase homeownership rates.


The second R stands for Responsibility.


Responsibility - We have a high level of responsibility to our members and will continue to ensure that the best interest of the members is always upheld in every decision we make. We will ensure proper accounting of association assets, proper handling of these assets, and ensure appropriate access to association resources and tools.


The D stands for Diversity


Diversity - In order to achieve our highest possible potential, we must intentionally seek out those that can contribute the very best ideas and skillset in every cross-section of this association. This gives us all a vested interest in this association and allows a sense of belonging and a better future for CMR. All of this will help us grow our association, increase public confidence and trust in us as leaders, and help our members achieve their goals.


Thank you for taking out time to learn more about my vision for this year.

Have a great 2023!