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JPS' PIE Store Drop-Off at MLS Expo

JPS' PIE Store Drop-Off at MLS Expo

posted: 08/05/2016

Let's stock the JPS P.I.E. Store again!

This year we are focusing on providing "sanitizing supplies" to the JPS Partners In Education Store. 

Hand Sanitizers, Cleansing Wipes, Spray Disinfectants


Three ways to deliver your donations:

1. Drop them off at the CMR office before July 1

2. Bring them to the "Sanitation Station" at The MLS Expo on Thursday, June 22 at The Clyde Muse Center (515 Country Place Parkway, Pearl MS)

3. Brokers may schedule a pick-up of supplies at your office.  Click here to make a request.

Donations are tax-deductible.  Upon request, the JPS PIE Store can issue a "Thank you" letter to all donors, indicating the amount of their contribution or listing items that were given.


 Jeffrey Dillon, CMR President