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If You Use MAR's Forms

If You Use MAR's Forms

posted: 06/05/2018

You received information recently that several of MAR’s Standard forms were revised in March.  Last week, five of the recently revised standard forms were once again revised based upon member input and have a revision date of May 2018.  If your firm uses MAR’s forms, it is to your advantage to use the most current revision.  Form revisions only occur with very good reason – generally to reduce your liability and to provide better service to your clients. Forms with MAY 2018 revision dates are

  • F1 Contract for the Purchase of Real Estate
  • F2 Contract for the Purchase of Real Estate Lots and Land
  • F4 Exclusive Authorization and Right to Sell Listing Agreement
  • F14 Seller’s Counter Offer
  • F14A Buyer’s Counter Offer

View the updated forms and summaries at Members must log in with their National REALTOR® Database System (NRDS) ID and last name.

Remember also that the MAR Standard Forms are copyrighted and are only for use by members of MAR.  Providing copies of the forms to non-members is a copyright infringement.