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FAQs about the REALTOR® Code of Ethics Required Course

FAQs about the REALTOR® Code of Ethics Required Course

posted: 01/06/2020

When is the next deadline for completing the Code of Ethics class?

December 31, 2021

But, I thought it was December 31, 2020?

It was, however, last month at the NAR convention, NAR added a year to the current cycle making it three years instead of two.

Who has to take it?

Every individual who wants to maintain REALTOR® status; except REALTOR® Emeritus award recipients.

Do appraisers have to take it?

If the appraiser is also a REALTOR®, then yes. NAR’s online course contains a module specific to appraisers.

Do new REALTORS have to take it?

Yes, a condition of membership is that new members complete an online course before taking REALTOR® Orientation.


Don’t wait until December 2021 to look for a course. If you have to take your valuable time to do something, you should make it worthwhile. Consider taking it in the classroom from a trusted MRI Instructor when it comes up on the REALTOR® Institute’s Course Calendar and get it out of the way. Jo Usry is teaching the REALTOR® Code of Ethics at MAR on January 16.