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Code of Ethics Citation Policy Works

Code of Ethics Citation Policy Works

posted: 08/29/2017

Prior to February of this year, the most violated Article of the Code of Ethics was that which prohibits accessing a listed property without the proper permissions from the listing agent. (Article 3, Standard of Practice 3-9). After only FIVE written complaints against showing agents failing to get that permission, accessing property and "getting caught", all chose to pay the $250 fine, rather than be subjected to a due process hearing. That particular violation seems to have been stopped in its tracks, as word spread that complaints were being filed.

Here are six more prohibitions covered under the Ethics Citation Policy that have not yet been "stamped out" and complaints should be filed:

  1. Listing broker's failure to communicate a change in offered compensation PRIOR TO a REALTOR submitting an offer. (Article 3, SOP 3-2)
  2. Listing broker's attempt to modify the offered compensation AFTER a REALTOR has submitted an offer. (Article 3, SOP 3-2)
  3. Listing broker's failure to disclose the existence of accepted offers, included those with contingencies. (Article 3, SOP 3-6)
  4. Advertising a property without authority from the listing broker. (Article 12, SOP 12-4)
  5. Failure to disclose name of firm in advertising of property (Article 12, SOP 12-5)
  6. Buyer's agent conditioning the submission of an offer on additional compensation from listing broker (Article 16, SOP 16-16)


Access the "Code of Ethics Citation Policy and Complaint Form" under QUICK LINKS on the homepage.