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Are You Being Spied On During Showings

posted: 04/02/2018

Be careful: You and your buyer may be under surveillance when touring a property.


A New Best Practice

posted: 04/02/2018

A New Best Practice. The Best Practices Committees is hard at work updating CMR’s Best Practices. Five new ones are being added this year. Here’s one of them.

Are You Prepared to Use "Coming Soon" in Your Marketing?

posted: 03/20/2018

“Coming soon” can be an effective marketing tool if:

1. A signed listing agreement is in place.
2. The MLS Exemption was filed with the MLS within 24 hours of having the signed listing agreement.
3 The property is not shown to anyone, by anyone until it is exposed to the full buying market for the benefit of the seller.


Your Duties to the Public in Real Estate Photography

posted: 03/13/2018

Through the use of new technologies in the photo industry, REALTORS® can become creative with the way photos and images are displayed on websites.


MARPAC Endorses CMR Appraiser Bob Morrow for House District 60

posted: 03/08/2018

MARPAC Endorses CMR Appraiser Bob Morrow for House District 60.


Social Media is Advertising and both MLS Rules and the Code of Ethics Apply

posted: 03/06/2018

Your next Facebook post could be a violation of the MLS and Code of Ethics. Read this tip to steer clear of MLS and Code violations.

REALTORS® Launch Campaign to Raise $20,000 for Blair E. Batson Hospital

posted: 03/01/2018

For the second year in a row, Central Mississippi REALTORS® (CMR) will be a participant in the Over the Edge with Friends of Children’s Hospital fundraising attraction.


Pathways to Your Professionalism

posted: 02/21/2018

Now makes the perfect time to rebrand ourselves as industry professionals. With that, I challenge each of you to adopt a new commitment to professionalism in every transaction. Rod Crosby, 2018 President.

Pearl and Byram Under Consideration to be Removed from USDA Rural Housing Program

posted: 02/15/2018

USDA Rural Development is conducting a review of Pearl and Byram to determine whether or not these areas should be removed the rural housing programs. The deadline to submit comments is February 28, 2018.

The Most Misunderstood Concept in REALTOR® World

posted: 02/13/2018

The Code of Ethics requires all REALTORS® to cooperate, but there is no obligation under the Code to compensate.

President's Challenge for Professionalism

posted: 02/12/2018

It's time to take professionalism to the next level! I invite you to join me at the next membership gathering titled, "2nd Annual REALTOR® Winter Workshop" on Tuesday, February 20 at Highland Colony Baptist Church.

REALTOR® Day Parking Options Thursday January 31

posted: 01/30/2018

Free parking for REALTOR® Day at the State Capitol will be available at the CMR Building and behind Carter Jewelers off High Street.

Are You the Best Negotiator You Can Be?

posted: 01/30/2018

"In business as in life, you don't get what you deserve you get what you negotiate!" Resolve to improve your negotiation skills this year with Adorna Carroll's RENE Course offered by MRI.

Who are the Hackers Targeting Transactions?

posted: 01/30/2018

Wire fraud schemes have accounted for $5 billion in financial losses to consumers since 2013, according to FBI statistics. Other common schemes in real estate include fake referral emails, “overpayment” scams, and fake DocuSign emails.

NEW! CMR Staff Training & Development in 2018

posted: 01/30/2018

To maintain a team of staff who are skilled in providing you the highest quality of services possible, a “Staff Development Workday” has been scheduled off-site each quarter.

What’s NEW in the Code of Ethics for 2018?

posted: 01/23/2018

Due to all the creative technology available that make photos of properties or images displayed on the internet look awesome, sometimes those awesome photos and images misrepresent the “true picture” of the property.

CMR Celebrates 65 Major Investors in January!

posted: 01/23/2018

Did you know that over 65 members have already pledged to invest $1,000 or more to the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC)?!

Best Practices to Prevent Wire Fraud

posted: 01/23/2018

Wire fraud is the single biggest issue facing the real estate industry today with $14 million in consumer funds lost in the 1st quarter of 2017.

Thank You for Helping Us Reach Our RPAC Goal this Month!

posted: 01/23/2018

Each year MAR sets an RPAC participation percentage goal for all REALTOR® Boards in the state to reach for during the course of the year. The RPAC participation goal set for REALTOR® Boards in 2018 is 54% of members.

Closed Sales Spiked 10 Percent in December

posted: 01/22/2018

New Listings in Hinds, Madison and Rankin counties reached 405, up 18.4 percent YTD accounting for $95 million in volume.