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Should I Use "Coming Soon?"

posted: 08/06/2018

There are many rules governing the use of "Coming Soon" in your advertising efforts.  To help reduce confusion, we are created an infographic that we hope will simplify the matter.

Do You Document Rejected Offers?

posted: 08/06/2018

When your seller rejects an offer or offers, do you comply with license law and document that rejection? 

The Bar Has Been Raised

posted: 08/06/2018

Since CMR put its Ethics Citation Policy in Place in 2017, the bar has been raised on several fronts.  The word has spread.  One example is that few members are choosing to enter a listed property without following showing instructions since violating Article 3, SOP 3-9 is part of the citation policy carrying a $250 fine.

When Does Owner/Agent Have To Be Noted?

posted: 07/30/2018

It depends.

From an MLS perspective, owner/agent must be noted in REALTOR® remarks and cannot be noted in public remarks. The prohibition in public remarks is due to IDX agreements. If a consumer is finding your listing on another broker's website and sees "owner agent" in public remarks, the consumer is likely to leave the source website and go to the listing agent thinking they will get a "better deal."

MAR’s Standard Forms “Coach”

posted: 07/23/2018

If you use MAR’s forms, especially the Purchase Agreement (F1), take advantage of the new video series where MAR’s Attorney, Ron Farris coaches you through the clauses and blanks on the form.  Encourage your broker to schedule watching the videos in sales meetings. What an excellent learning tool!

When Can a Listing Broker Reduce Commission in MLS Offered to Cooperating Brokers?

posted: 07/23/2018

Answer:  ONLY, when ONE of TWO things occur

  1. Compensation can be changed PRIOR TO an offer being submitted or
  2. Upon a written agreement between the listing broker and cooperating broker

Need Help?

posted: 07/16/2018

If you know your party's extension, you can dial it at any time.  The following staff members handle most of our day-to-day calls.

Genny Allison at extension 17 handles all day-to-day MLS entry or rules questions.  Lindsey Brown at extension 21 can help you with education classes including new member orientation.  Giselle Stromgren at extension 15 will be able to assist you with all billing matters.  For a full list of staff and extensions, please visit the CMR Staff page.

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How do I know my offer was presented?

posted: 07/16/2018

The 2019 Code of Ethics will include an expansion of Standard of Practice 1-7 that will provide cooperating brokers confidence that their offer was presented to the seller.  The new obligation...

June 2018 revisions to MAR’s Standard Purchase Agreements (F1 and F2)

posted: 07/09/2018

If you use MAR’s purchase agreements, it is most likely in your clients’ and firm’s best interest that you use the most recent revision of them unless your Broker requires you to use an older version for specific reasons that they can verbalize.  MAR frequently revises the forms for good reasons determined by a Committee of practicing Brokers across the state in consultation with MAR’s legal counsel. The most recent revisions of the Residential Purchase Agreement (F1) and Lots Purchase Agreement (F2) is 06/2018.  Review the changes and consult your Broker if you are using an older version.

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Busted! Cybercrime Ring Gets Cuffed

posted: 07/06/2018

Eight criminals have been caught after they used email to scam real estate agents and buyers to commit wire fraud to steal approximately $15 million.  Read the article about how a real estate company assisted the FBI in nabbing the criminals.  As suggested in a separate article, you may wish to consider inserting the wire fraud email template into your email signature to help protect your clients. 

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Has Anyone Ever Told You, You Should Run for Office?

posted: 07/05/2018

If so, you must have shown some interest in or talent for local politics.  On October 25, we’d like to provide some help to determine whether running for office is right for you.  Central Mississippi REALTORS® and Mississippi REALTORS® intend to co-sponsor a one-day Candidate Training Academy for REALTORS® and friends of REALTORS® who have a sincere interest in the subject of running for public office. 

A Challenge to REALTORS® and Brokers to Take the High Road

posted: 07/03/2018

There has been a lot of anxiety and frustration exhibited over the measures you all are having to take to comply with the new advertising rules that took effect July 1.  Because you have had to go to a lot of lengths to become compliant, your tendency might be to scrutinize every sign, ad, and communication you come across to see if it is in compliance. 

CFA: So Close, but yet...

posted: 07/02/2018

Each of you knows CMR as an Association likes to be first in everything and exceed any goal handed to us. Because of your effort, Mississippi was the FIRST state to exceed the 20% goal set by NAR for responses to the Call for Action on flood insurance.


Ethics Citations Related to Advertising

posted: 06/27/2018

With the July 1 deadline approaching to comply with the new MREC advertising rules requiring firm name and firm phone number in all forms of advertising, also remember that firm name display in advertising is an obligation of the Code of Ethics - Article 12, Standards of Practice 12-5 and 12-9.

Be Careful – Know Your Definitions!

posted: 06/26/2018

Contacting a withdrawn seller is soliciting a listing that is still listed which is a potential violation of Article 16 of the Code of Ethics.

In our MLS, the listing agreement with the seller is still intact when a property is in withdrawn status.  Withdrawn is a temporary status used when a seller doesn’t want the property shown while something temporary is going on (renovations, family illness, Christmas holidays, etc.).

Have you been a REALTOR® for 40 years?

posted: 06/22/2018

If yes, NAR has an award for you – REALTOR Emeritus Status.

Through 2019, a REALTOR® Member who has held membership in the National Association of REALTORS® for a cumulative period of 40 years, and has completed at least one year of service to the Association, is eligible for REALTOR® Emeritus status.

If You Use MAR's Forms

posted: 06/05/2018

You received information recently that several of MAR’s Standard forms were revised in March.  Last week, five of the recently revised standard forms were once again revised based upon member input and have a revision date of May 2018.  If your firm uses MAR’s forms, it is to your advantage to use the most current revision.

CMMLS EXPO Raffle "The Ultimate Jackson Staycation"

posted: 05/24/2018

The “Ultimate Jackson Staycation” package will be raffled off to one lucky attendee of the 2018 MLS Expo. More details including prize list and prices provided within.


Actions Taken by the NAR BOD May 19

posted: 05/21/2018

Actions taken by the NAR Board of Directors held Saturday, May 19 in Washington, DC of which you need to be aware.


What is the Market Heartbeat?

posted: 04/04/2018

You are missing the boat if you are not emailing your sphere of influence a monthly CMMLS Market Heartbeat.