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Should I Use "Coming Soon?"

posted: 08/06/2018

There are many rules governing the use of "Coming Soon" in your advertising efforts.  To help reduce confusion, we are created an infographic that we hope will simplify the matter.

Do You Document Rejected Offers?

posted: 08/06/2018

When your seller rejects an offer or offers, do you comply with license law and document that rejection? 

When Does Owner/Agent Have To Be Noted?

posted: 07/30/2018

It depends.

From an MLS perspective, owner/agent must be noted in REALTOR® remarks and cannot be noted in public remarks. The prohibition in public remarks is due to IDX agreements. If a consumer is finding your listing on another broker's website and sees "owner agent" in public remarks, the consumer is likely to leave the source website and go to the listing agent thinking they will get a "better deal."

When Can a Listing Broker Reduce Commission in MLS Offered to Cooperating Brokers?

posted: 07/23/2018

Answer:  ONLY, when ONE of TWO things occur

  1. Compensation can be changed PRIOR TO an offer being submitted or
  2. Upon a written agreement between the listing broker and cooperating broker

A Challenge to REALTORS® and Brokers to Take the High Road

posted: 07/03/2018

There has been a lot of anxiety and frustration exhibited over the measures you all are having to take to comply with the new advertising rules that took effect July 1.  Because you have had to go to a lot of lengths to become compliant, your tendency might be to scrutinize every sign, ad, and communication you come across to see if it is in compliance.