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Commissions are Negotiable

posted: 11/18/2019

Can a buyer's agent negotiate the cooperative fee with the listing broker?

Yes, with one exception.

Just Do It!

posted: 05/13/2019

Get it out of the way on June 17.  Your CEO, Jo Usry, is teaching the “Raise Your Right Hand” (required Code of Ethics class) at the REALTOR® Institute.  It’s not your same old, tired Code of Ethics class. 

Code of Ethics Providers

posted: 08/13/2018

Several schools and instructors teach the required Code of Ethics class.  If you still need the class before 12/31 of this year and plan to take it by classroom, note the instructor’s credentials for teaching REATOR® Code of Ethics.

The Bar Has Been Raised

posted: 08/06/2018

Since CMR put its Ethics Citation Policy in Place in 2017, the bar has been raised on several fronts.  The word has spread.  One example is that few members are choosing to enter a listed property without following showing instructions since violating Article 3, SOP 3-9 is part of the citation policy carrying a $250 fine.

Ethics Citations Related to Advertising

posted: 06/27/2018

With the July 1 deadline approaching to comply with the new MREC advertising rules requiring firm name and firm phone number in all forms of advertising, also remember that firm name display in advertising is an obligation of the Code of Ethics - Article 12, Standards of Practice 12-5 and 12-9.

Be Careful – Know Your Definitions!

posted: 06/26/2018

Contacting a withdrawn seller is soliciting a listing that is still listed which is a potential violation of Article 16 of the Code of Ethics.

In our MLS, the listing agreement with the seller is still intact when a property is in withdrawn status.  Withdrawn is a temporary status used when a seller doesn’t want the property shown while something temporary is going on (renovations, family illness, Christmas holidays, etc.).

Social Media is Advertising and both MLS Rules and the Code of Ethics Apply

posted: 03/06/2018

Your next Facebook post could be a violation of the MLS and Code of Ethics. Read this tip to steer clear of MLS and Code violations.

The Most Misunderstood Concept in REALTOR® World

posted: 02/13/2018

The Code of Ethics requires all REALTORS® to cooperate, but there is no obligation under the Code to compensate.

What’s NEW in the Code of Ethics for 2018?

posted: 01/23/2018

Due to all the creative technology available that make photos of properties or images displayed on the internet look awesome, sometimes those awesome photos and images misrepresent the “true picture” of the property.

Code of Ethics Citation Policy Works

posted: 08/29/2017

Did you know that there were only fie complaints submitted for the most notoriously violated article of the Code of Ethics?! Thanks for helping us to stamp out violations. Here are six more prohibits that we need your help with!

Failing to Respond to Requests for Appointments May Violate the Code of Ethics

posted: 06/06/2017

REALTORS® are required by Article 3 of the Code of Ethics to COOPERATE with other Brokers.