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2020 CMR Board of Directors Self-Interest Survey

2020 CMR Board of Directors Self-Interest Survey

posted: 06/10/2019

The CMR Board of Directors is charged with meeting objectives tied to specific Core Standards required by the National Association of REALTORS® and CMR’s Strategic Plan, which include:

  • Code of Ethics (education and enforcement),
  • Advocacy (supporting the three Vote, Act and Invest initiatives of the REALTOR® Party),
    Public outreach (demonstrating that REALTORS are the Voice for Real Estate and that REALTORS® are involved in their communities),
  • Support for the REALTOR® organizations,
  • Technology Standards, and
  • Financial Solvency.

If you are a member of Central Mississippi REALTORS® and have interest in serving on the CMR Board of Directors, make your interest known to the CMR Nominating Committee by completing the CMR Self-Interest Survey by July 5, 2019. The survey contains a list of criteria for serving on the Board of Directors