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Best Practices from Listing to Closing

Best Practices from Listing to Closing

A product originally created in 2013 by members of the Central Mississippi REALTORS® and the Mississippi Mortgage Bankers Association.  The Best Practices Working Group is made up of REALTORS®, lenders, home inspectors, and closing attorneys.  The Best Practices are updated frequently as business issues arise and change.

The Listing Appointment

Fact Finding at the Listing Appointment


Showing Property

Safety When Showing Property

Loan Qualification

Pre-Qualified vs Pre-Approved

The Contract

Lump Sum Closing Costs

Personal Property

Possession of the Property

Contract Execution

Transmitting the Contract

16th Section and Pearl River Valley Water Supply District Property Land

Timelines After Contract is Executed


The Home Inspection Process

Communicating with the Appraiser

Termite & Pest Inspections

Utility Permit Inspections

Wastewater System Inspections

Underwriting/Loan Approval

Underwriting and Lender Documentation


Who Selects the Closing Attorney

Closing Communication Forms

Avoiding Wire Fraud