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MLS Board of Directors

MLS Board of Directors

Amanda Polles - President

Polles Properties, LLC

Office Phone: 601-898-3364

Jesse Barrilleaux - President Elect

Segway Properties LLC

Office Phone: 601-941-7762

Vicki Weaver - Treasurer

Weaver & Associates, LLC

Office Phone: 601-853-3344

Shellye Barnes - Director

Front Gate Realty LLC

Office Phone: 601-991-2900

Sheila Bingham - Director

Bingham & Associates Realty Services

Office Phone: 601-499-4569

Jamie Hanry - Director

Jamie Hanry Realty

Office Phone: 601-946-0039

Paul Hopper - Director

Hopper Properties

Office Phone: 601-724-1435

Randy Knouse - Director

Professional Appraisal Firm

Office Phone: 601-991-3912

Mark Metcalf - Director

eXp Realty

Office Phone: 601-455-0101